HtbaS 348: Applique Everywhere

A catch-up on the applique craziness I’ve found myself in (McKenna Ryan and Jane Sassaman are great designers), my new lonestar quilt that will need Serious Quilting, and some woodworking, an update on the pets (they’re all great!) and back to school (yikes!). Links will take you to my instagram account to see the pictures.


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4 Replies to “HtbaS 348: Applique Everywhere”

  1. Thanks for posting another episode. I love your podcast.

    Good luck with the school thing. I understand your decision and how hard dealing with kids and COVID-19 thing (pandemic? Craziness?) is. I feel for you. I feel very fortunate not to have to deal with this pandemic in that way. I do have other worries as my YM is an essential worker and takes the bus to work, so a whole different set of worries.

    Yes, houses take work. Once you do one thing, 5 other things hidden by the first task make themselves known. We are getting our house painted, which means getting some trim replaced before the painters come and repairing a built-in planter.

    Try Aurifil monofilament. I always had trouble with monofilament until I tried the Aurifil. I have to stitch slowly, but otherwise, it works fine. Of course, I haven’t tried it on a mid-arm and that may be different.
    Take care!

  2. Hi Pam! Love that you are doing vinyl. I love my Cricut and vinyl also. Just wanted to say I have changed my Instagram name in the profile and you don’t have to start a new account.

    We are waiting for a tree removal service too. 2020 the year all our trees decided to start causing problems and start smacking the house. I am over it.


  3. I’ve missed listening to you while I’m quilting. Like everyone else around the world, your life is busy and so much has changed. Your podcasts are welcome anytime. It’s like a gift I wasn’t expecting

  4. I loved listening to the podcast. I was having a down moment, and once I heard your friendly voice in my ear, I perked up and got going again. How’s this for house issues….we are remodeling our living room and pulled down a very old ceiling. Once we got to the rafters and underside of the roof, we saw all of this black, what we thought was mold. Upon closer inspection, that would was burned and charred! We have no idea, my only thought is perhaps a lightening strike? Eek! So, now we get a new roof before we get a new ceiling. Ugh…

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