Q3 Finish Along Wrap Up

Well, I made all my original goals, but fell short a bit on the one project I added on right at the end. I’m pretty sure I won’t finish it by the end of day today it’s just going to have to wait until Q4 to be done. Oh well – I’m still happy with my progress!

  • Dresden Plates Quilt – Plan developed, plates assembled, background being pieced. An excellent candidate for my Q4 FAL goals.

5 Replies to “Q3 Finish Along Wrap Up”

  1. I am loving every single one of them!It’s good you included the links because somehow I missed the finished Beach walk post and now I could read through the whole thing.

  2. All four of these quilts are wonderful, and a lot to be finished in one quarter. I am glad you will join us for Q4 as well.

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