HtbaS – Episode 153

Lost no longer! I prattle on about my travel last week, the lost episode, CATS, Halloween, candy, pants, and finally some sewing.

Random picture of the Very Minecraft Halloween we had at my house:

A Very Minecraft Halloween

Fred was also ready to celebrate:

Owly Images

3 Replies to “HtbaS – Episode 153”

  1. The Minecraft costumes got an approving nod from my 15YO son. (Which is high praise from him, as a teenage Minecraft fan!) I think they’re great, too, as is Fred’s!

  2. Finally getting caught up on my podcasts, and you made it a little easier by not getting the Lost Episode posted. I do agree that it adds an air of mystery to your site. Although I was tempted to drive to your house to listen, because meeting Fred and the cats in person sounds awesome.

    WTG on the weight loss. Driver’s license weight is no small matter – in some circles it is cause for a party.

    Hope you hear good news soon about the job. Will you have to wear pants more frequently if you get it? Also, you should bug Tanesha about clothing issues. She just left me an awesome comment on my Fashion Challenged post with detailed suggestions for building a wardrobe.

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