Elefun Baby Quilt - Finished!

I finished up this baby quilt over the weekend, although I need to stitch the label on quickly before shipping it out.  The diamond chain/beaded curtain blocks are from Daisy’s Gypsy Beads pattern that I tested. It will be for sale soon, so keep an eye on her Craftsy patterns to see when it comes up. The elephant applique is my own sketch, which you can download as a *.png file by right clicking here and saving the file.

The quilting is pretty simple mock-straight line; that means that straight line quilting would be awesome, but I inevitably end up with wiggles when I do it, so I used the diamond outlines as a guide and straightened out the lines the further away from the shapes I got.

It took quite a bit of effort to keep the cats off of it while I photographed it, and now it’s safely stored away until the label gets stitched on!

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