WIP Wednesday: Valorous

Having finished two baby quilts over the weekend, I feel like the inertia is now in forward-movement rather than couch-potato mode, so I’ve been sewing through some units for my Quilt of Valor donation.  Here’s the center of it, which I put together earlier this week.

The pattern is from the ScrapTherapy book I’ve got, and I have two borders to put on still. One is pieced of trimmings from the HST blocks in the center, and the other will be from a piece of yardage (which I’ve yet to pick!).  I’ve had to size it down a bit from the original pattern to keep within the size requirements for QoV, so I’ve got leftover blocks. That could mean either another quilt or placemats or something from the leftovers, or I forgo the outer border and add the blocks back in. I’ll see what it looks like!

Nina has no time for my nonsense.In other news, Nina has no time for this nonsense and thinks I should get back to work. Or sewing. Or belly rubs.

6 Replies to “WIP Wednesday: Valorous”

  1. What a beautiful color combination. That is the same pattern I am working on right now and I love the process of just using any of my fabric scraps. I find this pattern lets me sew for a little bit and I can easily pick it up when I have time after work or weekends. I am at the same stage as you as well. I decided to do a 2 row scrap border with my 2″ squares instead of the larger one, If you have any information on the Quilt for Valor, I would be very interested.

  2. Very pretty quilt. I don’ t know what Quilts of Valour are (ok that should be Valor since its an American thing but can’t take the Aussie speller out of me that easily 🙂 ) I am assuming that they are quilts for returned service men and women… or their families? Let us know. This question is posed in the interest of making your podcast/blog truly international.

  3. Lovely. There is a group that makes quilts for Australian service personnel. Aussie Hero Quilts. I have the makings of a quilt of valor. It is on my ‘to do’ and I am hoping to get it done in 2014.

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