No Fabric Left Behind - Finished!

This quilt is currently en route to my parents’ house, and I sincerely hope it’s large enough! I was pushing the limits of the 120″ square batting while quilting it, and pieced in an additional strip of fabric (same as the border print) into the wide-back fabric we purchased.

I solved the problem of mitered corners on the border by not even going there and using cornerstones instead.

The quilt is too big for my usual photography on the clothesline on the back deck, so I tried to be Fancy and use the fence.  I think I’ll stick to quilting and not photography for a hobby!  For what it’s worth, Bunnywind Downs is what we nicknamed our backyard after we fenced it in.  We say Fred the dog runs “like the bunnywind”, as his rear end goes hippity-hop when he gets up to speed.

The quilt was inspired by this one, which has been floating around Pinterest and Flickr for a while.

The center is made of 576 of a unit which I can remember the name of, but it looks like an HST within an HST (the Inception unit?), which I put together into blocks of 6×6 units. It makes a cool secondary pattern with the alternate diamonds formed (the “hollow” diamond in the center top of this photo).

My mom requested two pillowcovers to coordinate, so I used the leftover bits and pieces and strips to free form some in the size she needed.

I hope they enjoy it, and the cats enjoy their new tent. 🙂

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  1. It is beautiful! I knew it would be. Thank you for making it. I can see the furry kids hurrying to be first to get on/under it. 🙂

  2. It is a very pretty quilt. I am sure your parents will love it as will their furry children 🙂

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