HtbaS - Episode 187

Short and sweet this week with a review of vacation happenings, very little sewing, and my experience in the feather quilting class with Sharon Schamber.

To the right is another picture of another painting in my kitchen, which inspired the “Brilliant Sea” blue color choice.  Here’s the poppy one.


5 Replies to “HtbaS - Episode 187”

  1. Hope you had/are having a wonderful time with your folks. The car thing sounds most disconcerting, especially without another adult there with you.

  2. Sharon’s daughter is in my guild, so she came by last year and did a trunk show…. between learning about glue basting and using the ballpoint needle, those ladies have changed my quilting life!!

  3. I used Sharon Schamber’s basting method on my big sampler and I really liked it. I don’t have much to compare it to since that was the first bed-size quilt I made, but I really didn’t want to spread everything out on the floor for so many reasons (lack of space and tunneling beastcat in particular) and that method worked out really well for me. (This is Daisy W. I need to update my name on my WordPress account - when I’m logged in to WordPress, it just plugs in info from my profile, which ends up being confusing.)

  4. I had to laugh at the suggestion that Windex will remove quilt markings. It reminded me of the father in “My Big Fat Greek Wedding”. He used Windex to cure everything!

  5. I watched her video of the basting technique a while ago, and it all looks good…. on a small quilt. There is no way you will find a 106″ piece that you can use for a bed quilt, unfortunately. Also, I think it would bend. Badly.
    All this windex talk reminded me of My Big Fat Greek Wedding:)))) have you seen it?

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