Tabby Stripe Quilt - Finished!

I’m pleased to show the finished Tabby Stripe quilt!

It measures about 65″ square.  I picked the patchwork colors based on the colors found in the focus fabric, and realized in putting it together that it’s pretty much the colors of my cats - orange, brown, black, white, etc. A friend astutely pointed out that those are the colors of most cats, so the good news it will hide a multitude of cat hair! Definitely a must given that it’s being donated to the Good Mews Animal Foundation, a no-kill cage-free cat shelter I volunteer for, for their annual silent auction in October.

Here’s a better shot of the focus fabric.  The quilt pattern was inspired by the pattern Georgia’s Garden in the book Scraps Plus One! The original pattern called for over a thousand 2″ HSTs, and I couldn’t quite bring myself to do that. I ended up using 3.5″ and 5″ squares from my scrap stash in the right colors to use in the patchwork columns instead.

I also used the focus fabric to pick the quilting motifs.  I ended up using the flower shape from some of the cats for the focus fabric columns.  While I’ve not not heard of a cat with a flower pattern on it, I’m willing to suspend disbelief for a quilting tie-in.

The back is pieced with a big spot for a label pieced into it, surround by 2″ squares of the same colors from the focus fabric.

It’s all washed and folded and placed into a storage bag to keep my cats’ hair off of it. Nina, of course, has accepted this challenge!

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  1. Lovely colors, and a great pattern! Do you think Nina will ask Jett to help her and eat the plastic away so she can gain access to the quilt? :))) that cabinet door better be locked! :))

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