Grand Illusion #2 - Finished!

Finally a break in cold and rain! And found the camera AND remembered to take pictures of quilts. Baby steps!

Anywho, here’s the finished second Grand Illusion quilt; this one sets the blocks without  Bonnie’s sashing, and then uses the checkerboard sashing as 1st border.  There’s a 1″ border of black, then Bonnie’s outer pieced border, and finally “regular” border of a single fabric.

The finished size is somewhere around 72×72″, I think. Nothing too fancy in the quilting since I stuck with a simple meander in all but the outermost border.

I’m almost done with all the pieces from this monster mystery - there’s one more quilt to finish with some of the elements. And three placemats. It’s the mystery that won’t end!

4 Replies to “Grand Illusion #2 - Finished!”

  1. Very pretty quilt. You are much more industrious and productive regarding the GI quilt blocks. I made just a 3×4 GI quilt and found I had to add a little bit of fabric (green) to make the borders fit. No more GI quilts for me! I hope I can put these extra blocks into other quilts so they are not lost.

  2. If someone had asked me if a striped border would be good with this quilt, I would have answered with a horrified, “No way!” I would have been wrong. It looks awesome!

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