Grand Illusion Baby Quilt - Finished!

Welp, again, the slight break in cold and rain afforded me the opportunity to take pictures of one of my 2015 finishes! Here’s a baby size version of the Bonnie Hunter Grand Illusion Mystery quilt - rather than using all 25 blocks, I used 9 blocks plus her checkerboard sashing to finish at 63″ square (I always assume babies will grow, hence the larger size).  I also simplified the outer border with a single fabric rather than the pieced border because it was a bit busy.

I suspect it has more to do with my color choices (including business of some of my black fabrics) and how close I was to it with the construction. From the pictures taken from far away, it comes together a little more.

Here’s a close-up of one of the corner blocks.

I did an overall meander in the center, and some straight line quilting on the inner and outer borders.

I’ve since finished a larger version (pics to be taken after the next break in rain and cold!), and have plans to use up the rest of the leftover border and sashing pieces in a 3rd version.

3 Replies to “Grand Illusion Baby Quilt - Finished!”

  1. Great job on the GI quilt. Love your color choices and the tone down outer border. I am making my GI quilt in a 3 x 4 lap size and using B’s outer border too. I think I will take what other blocks of this quilt I did finish and sneak them into other quilts. I am anxious to get this one finished. A neutral baby quilt is looming ever closer that I must, must start and finish up quickly.

  2. I’m catching Up on you blog after a few weeks away over summer and your podcast is keeping me company while I take a road trip to my next adventure, five days of quilting symposium.

  3. Yeah, the single-fabric border works perfectly with this fabric combo. Some fabric sets work marvelously with the design, and others just go flat out maniacal, don’t they? It’s very interesting to me. I’m interested to see your other versions!!

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