Mum Medallion - Finished!

We finally got enough of a break in the rain and/or cold for me to go outside and photograph Mum Medallion, which was my last finish of 2014.

The finished quilt is around a full-size, but we don’t have a full size bed in need of a quilt in my house currently; my daughter’s bed is full size but these are really her “colors”.  I think it will end up as a Family Couch Quilt in the living room, or as another layer on my own bed since I love the colors.

I went with an all over design of meandering with some leaves in the center and some loops in the burgundy border.  It was my first time branching out from the standard meander on the long arm, so it’s not quite my finest work. Oh well. It will still keep us warm!

5 Replies to “Mum Medallion - Finished!”

  1. Another gorgeous quilt, Pam! I also love the deep, rich colors, specially that dark purple-ish, burgundy inner border. And the dark green sashing is beautiul!

  2. Another great quilt. I will be happy to take any of the “not your finest” quilts. You are a very good quilt maker across the board.

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