WIP Wednesday: Modern-ish

Welp, once again I almost forgot to post for WIP Wednesday. In my defense, I’m afraid the thing I’m actively working on is sort of… ugly? overwhelmingly, eyeball-seeringly scrappy? Once I get the top together I’ll take a picture and we can judge. Or maybe I’ll wait to take a picture until it’s quilted and bound so there will be NO BACKSIES.

Anywho, here’s something else I finished recently - the final top from the Grand Illusion units! In need of pressing, no less.

I sewed the outer border pieces into stars and added an extra orange flying geese unit to make orange diamond-looking hats? Feet? Not sure what to call them. I could probably push it into more modern design, but this was enough of a stretch for now. I plan on using some lime green thread to do some (intentionally) wobbly straight light quilting in all the background.

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  1. It is a small world, but not small enough. My husband and I will be in Las Vegas in early February. He has Continuing Ed stuff and I have whatever I want to do stuff while there. Neither one of us are gamblers, but I have 3 rows of quarters to “break the bank”. The nicest part of this trip is that we get to visit my brother in El Paso both going to LV and then again on our way home. It has been too long since seeing him. We made it to my brother’s home today and leave for Vegas on Tuesday. Enjoy your trip the end of February. Too bad our paths will not cross.

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