WIP Wednesday - Crafting for Good

I’m trying to balance my desire to finish things with my desire to not end up a hunched over crone from doing too much FMQ in one period of time. So far the non-crone thing is winning!  I did finish one of the commission quilts, and the other is basted and ready to quilt, so to give myself a break in the mean time, I’ve been working on a couple charity quilts.

Here’s the latest, which started with a leftover Lorax panel piece.

My plan is to add at least 2 more rounds on the top and left sides so the Lorax is positioned in the bottom right for a little more interest.  I might end up using 3 1/2″ squares instead of the 5″ ones in there currently to mix it up further. Our target market is kids 5-12, with quilts around 45 x 60″, which is a nice, doable size to work up quickly out of scraps.

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