HtbaS - Episode 262

4 thoughts on “HtbaS - Episode 262

  1. Hey, I am no longer a #podcastdeliquent. I have had a healthy dose of Pam. Thanks for posting! I am glad you had a good break. I appreciate your posts and audio, but I am also glad you are rejuvenated and recharged.

    Seriously, people should never ask what we are going to do with any fabric we buy or any quilt we make. First of all it is none of their business and second of all, sewing keeps most of us sane enough to make the world safe for them to live in. 😉

    Re: guild - I am glad you are trying to change the way people talk about their quilts. I also try to find something I like in every quilt. I do not use repro fabrics, for the most part, but I respect the fact that others love them. Often these quilt have great piecing and I wonder how their repro quilt would look in brights with a dots on white background. New quiltmakers won’t get better if we don’t encourage them. Bringing others down doesn’t make our quilts better. Thank you for sharing positive language with your guild.

    Thief of Joy: Enter it into PIQF this year. Please!!!! If you send it to me, I will get it there and get it back to you. I promise. This message needs to get out far and wide.

    Thanks for your hard work on the podcast.

  2. Thank you so much for adding your Stitch audio to your podcast feed! I’ve remembered a couple of times to watch, but this makes it easy to get my Pam fix (with a fun does of Lynn!) Your charitable work is always inspiring, and Thief of Joy is inspired. Thank you for sharing with us all.

  3. For Gyleen’s quilt I am just saving the patterns cause I have not started sewing yet after my surgery….. I figure it allows me to emulate the quilts I really liked…. I have decided I am a control freak when it comes to scrappy quilts

  4. Supposedly You can inktense pencils and blocks permanent by just heat setting them. I have always used textile medium to paint them in the way you were using aloe gel. And the textile medium makes them permanent agter you heat set them with the iron.

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