Sunday Stash - The #SBSI Reckoning

Well, the reckoning has been reckoned, and at final #SBSI tally I’m actually not in the red for usage for the year!  Although I did do some damage in intake at the Super Bolt Sale, my finishes for this week kept me in the green.  I finished the two commission quilts, and another 5 pillowcases and 3 placemats for donation.

I also did my Saturday Sampler blocks, although I really borked up one with some miscuts. Oh well - I won’t be able to tell in the final quilt so it’ll be okay.


  • Used this Week: 16.25 yard
    • 4.25 yd for E’s quilt
    • 5.5 yd for C’s quilt
    • 5 yd for pillowcases
    • 1.5 yd for 3 placemats
  • Used Year to Date: 50.75 yards
  • Added this Week: 30.5 yards
    • Various yardage from Super Bolt Sale.
  • Net Used YTD: 5.25 yards
  • YTD Used for Charity: 21.25 yards (42% of total used)

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4 thoughts on “Sunday Stash - The #SBSI Reckoning

  1. I am impressed with how much you have sewed already this year. I thought I sewed a lot, and perhaps I do, but these projects don’t take much fabric and I need to get on it. Now that I know how much fabric I use and buy, I want (and need) to sew more. I started a quilt top today that I have been wanting to make just so that I could use up some fabric. Of course, I am a long way from entering it into my spreadsheet!

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