HtbaS - Episode 290

In this episode of the Hip to be a Square quilting podcast, I reveal The Project That Ate September, gear up for the Black Friday Sew In, recent hand quilting work, some community service sewing, and review some books.

Behold, the Transform quilt (update: alas, our quilt did not make it as a finalist):

Books discussed in this episode:

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3 Replies to “HtbaS - Episode 290”

  1. Nina does look (from your Instagram photos) like a little devil.

    I am trying to stay caught up with the few podcasts I have been able to catch up with. Not sure I will be able to participate in the BFSI. It depends on the YM and his plans. He is home for the first time since August.

    I haven’t decided whether I will do the mystery quilt. I am tempted, but we will see. I have some quilts I need for gifts, but they have distinct color schemes and I haven’t sat down to work out the substitutions.

    Nice Project That Ate September. Sorry you weren’t a finalist. Poor judging for sure.

    You have a pretty serious quilty December! Don’t stress yourself out.

    Do you handquilt while you watch TV?

    I have been reading the Charles Lenox mysteries. The first one is called Beautiful Blue Death. They are not light and fluffy, but also not super violent. They are pretty intellectual and have good character development.

    The premise of the Gathering of Shadows (I have not read it yet) reminded me of your household. It seems like your pets have one universe and the humans have another with the center of it all being the house (basically your house is London). 😉

    I still miss you saying you are the Head Rhombus.
    Have a great Thanksgiving! Thank you for creating free content!

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