WIP Whoopsday - Handy

Progress this week has been on finishing a couple charity projects - one for Quilts of Valor and another for DFACs (Dept of Family & Children’s Services) through one of my guilds.  I also finally got my Diamonds in the Sky quilt basted and started hand quilting on it.

I’m doing some big stitch quilting on it with Perle cotton and other thick threads from my thread stash.  With the wool batting, it’s quite plushy and squashy. It’s also between a twin and full sized quilt, so quite warm as well when I’m working on it!

I started quilting it yesterday and have 5 stars and 10 hexies quilted on it. I think there are 117 stars total, but at least I should make decent progress on it during the Christmas road trip to visit my family in December!

I also finally got my colors picked for the En Provence mystery from Bonnie Hunter! I’m using a pinky/coral in lieu of the magenta constant and an aqua/blue in lieu of the lavender.

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  1. i love the big stitch quilting and the wool batting sounds wonderful…so cozy, maybe sitting next to a roaring fire with a glass of wine while the snow falls gently outside…wait…WHAT AM I SAYING!?!?
    i decided to go with coral for en provence, too, although i’m keeping the lavender

  2. Your collaborative SHT quilt is magnificent. I think it symbolizes the tradition of an old fashioned quilting bee but with a modern twist. And the result is amazing. Well done. You are putting me to shame with your Diamonds in the Sky. I finished my top probably a year ago and it is still folded up. I guess puppy training took over my life. You inspire me to get it out and get it quilted, although probably not hand quilted. (Those puppies ya know).

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