WIP Wednesday - So Many Things!

It’s been a jam-packed sewing week, mostly because I didn’t have my laptop available to me to work on potentially paying gigs (i.e. - pattern design) in the evenings and weekends.  The good news is, my laptop is now fixed and has a fancy new cover and no longer feels like the screen is going to flap wildly about and fall off.

Not being focused on original designs meant that I could just freaking SEW. So sew I did! I made this top out of the last few leftovers from Sparkling Gems. It now needs a back and to be quilted.

Then I put on what is apparently the final border on Dresden Garden; I had considered adding more, but I don’t need to reach a specific size with it, so the current 57″ or so is big enough for a wall hanging.

It’s going to get some crazy intense quilting in there; ghost flowers, creeping vines, cross-hatching, etc.  It also needs a back!

I’ve got a sew-in tonight with my besties for our “We Put the Bee in Bacon”, so I’m working on piecing two more tops; one for a quilt along, and one for donation made out of leftover buffalo bits from this quilt.

2 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday - So Many Things!

  1. I am so pleased that you had some free time! Dresden Garden looks great, though now I don’t have anything to tease you (all in good fun, I assure you!!!) about. The sprkling Gems leftover quilt is so fresh and sparkling. I love it.

  2. Love the quilt top made from your left overs of SPARKLING GEMS …. that would be a cute baby or lap quilt. I am trying to do a similar quilt with left overs with other quilts… since I have been sewing using the same fabric style it has been easy.

    Do you ever mix your fabric style ? I have a hard time mixing repros, brights, batiks, and other styles of fabric. I know many of the scrap quilters recommend mixing cutting patches small but I am not sure if that works … what is your thoughts on that.


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