WIP Wednesday - Bits and Pieces

This week has involved a catch-up of sorts on smaller projects.  Spring is the season for birthdays and summer wardrobe sewing and all manner of other things around here, so of course I started a new Christmas quilt. Because I haven’t finished my last Christmas quilt, naturally.

Mostly it was Spring Cleaning inspired since I was organizing my stash bits and “to be done” projects that aren’t far enough along to be considered UFOs.  I’ve been holding on to these two Dear Mr. Claus layer cakes for a while because they are fun vintage prints from Cosmo Cricket. I finally decided to just take the plunge and make giant HSTs out of them.

At the other end of the seasonal spectrum, I just finished my first Fold n Stitch Wreath, which is a pattern from Poorhouse Designs. It’s a dimensional wreath that be hung up or used as a tabletopper, and perfect for my MIL’s upcoming birthday. What I like about it is it could be a great project for scraps and odd buttons.  The sewing is not hard, and I’d recommend it for an adventurous beginner sewist.

I’ve got other stuff going on too, but these are the highlights.

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  1. Off topic, but what kind of sewing table is in the picture? I’m trying to decide on one that my machine will sit down in, but am not sure what I really want/need.

    Hey, sewing space set up would be a great topic for a Stitch TV episode. #justsaying

    1. Check out Eddycrest furniture. Solid wood and good prices as well as good shipping charges. I saw them at Houston and will get one as my next sewing table.

  2. That wreath is really interesting and I agree that you could add other embellishments to make it more unique. I wonder how it would look in red and black with some skull embellishments? 😉

    I feel like we are somewhat on the same page! I also have an HST project that I have started. I received a Michale Miller Ta Dots FQ pack a few years ago and finally decided to make HSTs out of the fabrics. I am using black and white striped prints as the alternate. I cut 10″ squares and will make HSTs using my Triangle Technique. I don’t know what pattern I will use after that, but I decided that I would look forward to playing around with the HSTs and creating something pleasing. I am mostly in the cutting stage at the moment.

  3. HSTs are my fave!!! Thanks for letting us know where to get the wreath pattern, and the difficulty level!

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