Sunday Stash: The One With the Jazz Hands

I might finish another quilt tonight, but wanted to go ahead and the stash report up for the week. I guess it won’t kill me to wait to credit the Beep Boop quilt for next week even if I finish it later tonight. I did buy some yardage for borders and backing to finish that quilt, which was my only intake for the week.

  • Used this Week: 8 yards
    • 7 yards for CATS! (the quilt)
    • 1 yard for fabric inserts for cutting table doors
  • Used year to Date: 356.50 yards
  • Added this Week: 5 yards
    • 5 yards for the Beep Boop quilt
  • Net Used for 2012105 yards
  • YTD Used for Charity: 128.5 yards (36% of total used)
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2 Replies to “Sunday Stash: The One With the Jazz Hands”

  1. Your cutting table is just perfect, especially like the hole you drop your scraps into – what a great idea that was. You Cats quilt is pretty amazing and I am so sorry to hear about Zapper, just so heart breaking.

  2. I am seriously bummed by the demise of the SeamedUp website ans it occurred to me how unhappy/disappointed I would be if your podcast were to vanish….

    I have never left a comment because they always sounded like a crazy stalker person -but no worries I live in a state far, far away -at least geographically.

    So out here listening and laughing along with each of your podcasts and gathering inspiration from your projects – thanks for the time and effort you put into both the blog and podcast.

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