HtbaS – Episode 229

I talk about all the finished project pictures that got posted, end of school year happenings, and give a short book review on a YA series.

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  1. I had the joy of listening to this podcast while sitting in the hot tub…ahhhhh….relaxation! I couldn’t take the heat for more than about 10 minutes at a time, but it felt really good. When you mentioned washing dishes and pruney fingers, I looked and sure enough, my fingers were pruney.

    Perfect attendance awards – I know you think that just showing up is pretty minor, but when you see what the attendance of many students are, you might want to reward those kids that are there every … single … day. Even most teachers take a day here and there, for a workshop if nothing else. Lots of families take vacations during school times, some people pull their kids for an appointment to get their hair cut (forehead slap), and then there are the kids who know how to play sick really well and spend too many days laying on the couch! The reward is also for the parents who fought the battle to get their kids to school, even when they were pretending to be sick!

    I am with you, though, on not getting an award for every little thing, at least in a whole school setting. Kids typically enjoy a lot of what they are doing, and I think it is better to let the intrinsic rewards be enough.

    Well, I guess this is all about your personal update….proving that we don’t mind those at all.

  2. Thank you for the longer episode! I’m glad you are feeling comfortable with where you are in your podcasting journey. You scared me a few weeks ago! Honestly, you could just make jokes and talk about the cats and Fred and I’d still be happy to listen every week.

    I hope you can catch a break at work. Nobody needs that constant stress!

  3. Look! I am not being a #podcastedeliquent! It is Sunday and I am listening.

    Yeah, I am kind of puzzled and sometimes more than irritated at those that think batiks are ‘different’. They are not the weird kids in class; they just have different greige goods. Glad Tiny Stitches is trying to get people out of their comfort zones. I am going to throw a batik into an all non-batik quilt. Hee hee!

    Great podcast. Loved all of the laughing.

  4. Listened while commuting today! I worked from home last Friday & Monday so I forced myself to save it instead of listening over the weekend. Thank you for distracting me from crappy drivers!

  5. Enjoyed the long podcast on the flight home from Boston. You should do long ones more often. It is amazing how many awards schools can create. I am a batik person so am also happy Tiny Stitches is focusing on them for the next BOM round. It is a nice looking quilt.

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