HtbaS – Episode 230

This week I talk about quilt show prep, an embarrassing first-boyfriend story, summer camp, feedback, and blocking a quilt.

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  1. A thought on how to account for those scraps…go by weight. Figure out how much one yard weighs and then (your favorite part), do the math .

    I don’t wish to put down other podcasters with this comment, because I know that everyone volunteers their time and spends their own money to do this…but I have notice some serious pod fading among my beloved quiltcasters. This means that your dedication to keeping it up deserves a HUGE thank you! So, TTTHHHAAANNNKKK YYYOOOUUU!!!

  2. Ah, yes. Good times. In hindsight, I probably should have just called his mother! But, as an adult, I felt sort of responsible for caring for a child in need. He was really needy. Plus, the neighbors were watching. 🙂

  3. I Love this new longer format for the podcast! I like the personal stories too and especially the quilting parts. I agree with what everyone above has said Pam. I feel (my opinion here) that if you would like to talk about what is going on (personal stuff) then you should. If any one doesn’t want to hear that part hit the fast forward button and skip that part. Laura (sewing mom podcast) used to give a time stamp where you could fast forward to the sewing/quilting part I never skipped a thing. I think it helps me identify with the person I’m listening to if they share something even a little something personal.

    I’m excited to hear about the quilt show goings on. Have fun and take us some pictures if you can. Great podcast as always Pam!

  4. Oh Em Gee! I think we dated the same guy in high school! (Except he would have been much too old for you. Maybe it was his brother.)

    Which does make me old enough to swoon a little over John Cusack in almost any movie.

    Looking forward to the show next weekend!

  5. Loved the boyfriend story. I had one of those too – first boyfriend in (senior year) high school. We broke up and he stood outside the apartment building with his guitar at 1 am, singing a song he composed. (He was in a punk band.) Unfortunately he also spray painted our initials all over the sidewalk, along with anarchy signs. I think the neighbors called the cops! Oyyyyyy.

    Love your Crookshanks block! I had some issues lining that one up. I think for my square, I’ll just make the hat alone.

  6. Podcast Deliquent here again. I looked at the calendar today and realized that it was June 21 and wondered what happened to the month. Oh. Life happened. So I started listening to podcasts.
    School awards: make them meaningful or give the kids free dress for the dumb awards. Don’t make me come to school in the evening and sit through a load of attendance awards.
    Staying out of school: show me the blood, v**mit or fever and you can stay home
    Accounting for scraps: Just put 2 yards in and move on. You will have to account, if you haven’t already (see aforementioned delinquency), for when they go out, so make it easy on yourself.

    Please come and block my quilts for me. Thank you.

    Great podcast!

    From the better late than never file,

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