HtbaS – Episode 240

The big announcement is here! In addition to the podcast, I’ve started an online quilting talk show with my friend Lynn called The Stitch! Watch the episode on YouTube or on our website

I also talk about finishing the queen sized quilt for Good Mews, scrap cutting, and what’s up with my family.

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4 Replies to “HtbaS – Episode 240”

  1. Loved the podcast, as usual, listened to it, on my lunch break. I have 2 questions, and these are kind of “old” things. 1. do you still dip your thread in mineral oil? 2. I saw your tutorial on using fleece to back and bind the quilt. Do you have a recommended width for that binding, how far from the quilt top should I cut the fleece? Thank you, hope your son is doing well.

  2. I know you are shocked and possibly amazed that I am not a #podcastdeliquent this week, especially since I had to leave my precious child at a heartless, cold, unfeeling institution of higher learning (JK!). I took DH to the airport and pulled up the ‘listen on the website’ link and listened driving back from the airport. Congrats on the new show. I am not much of a video watcher, but will make an effort to watch your show. I wish you and Lynn the best of luck!

    My son broke his arm in 3rd grade at school running backwards with untied shoes in PE. He was in a cast up to his bicep for about 3 months and then a below the elbow cast for another month or so. He broke the two bones in the lower part of his arm. I don’t remember the sciency name. He had to have surgery and my husband was out of town on a business trip. When people expressed the horror of the emergency room, I told them I was glad this was my first time (and it turns out only time). It is a rite of passage for parents. Don’t feel guilty about not having that mother instinct about when your child is injured. I don’t have it either. I actually rejected the call from the school, because it was a private number, when they called to tell me and they had to call about 4 times before I answered. I was in a work meeting, so….stuff happens. TTSP. Vodka lollipops. You should trademark/patent (not sure which is right for food items. Both for different reasons, I think) that! Very useful in certain circumstances!

    I have to say I liked the old music. It was much more rockin’ and got me energized. Too much change for me this week, so ignore me.

    Again, congrats!!!

    1. Busy morning for you! Watched The Stitch – nice job by both of you. No broken bones at my house but stitches were required on an occasion or 2. It is tough being a parent when children get injured. The worst was when my son had fallen out of bed but I did not know that. He was slow getting ready for school but I just thought he was being a 5th grader so I hurried him so he wouldn’t miss the school bus only to get a call 30 minutes later at the restaurant where I was having breakfast with friends to tell me he was acting oddly, speech was incoherent etc and could I come get him. Picked him up, went straight to the Drs office even though it was just before office hours. Diagnosis a concussion – I sent him to school with a concussion – me the nurse. Definitely no mommy radar here.

      Congrats on the new venture with Lynn. Watching you both made me feel less far away from you guys.


    2. PS At the university orientation, they mentioned something called Media Space that they use instead of YouTube, because they have more control. I don’t know if this is a viable alternative considering the ubiquitousnes (is that a word?) of YouTube, but I thought I would mention it in case YouTube gives you too many fits.

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