Sunday Stash – Stitch En Place

Being out of town this week made it difficult to get progress on any big projects, so I worked through some placemats this weekend using leftover bits from other projects. I ended up with 6 placemats finished.  Adding that to some late Sunday finishes from last week that didn’t make the Sunday Stash post and some yardage for a test pattern bag gives me 4 yds usage for this week.

While I was at the Chattanooga AQS show on Saturday, I picked up a yard of fabric I earmarked for another bag project (shown in this photo as the top piece in the stack all the way to the right).  You may also note that Morelli is a neutral.

  • Used this Week: 4 yards
    • 1.5 yd for 6 placemats
    • 1 yd for Good Mews bed covers
    • 1.5 yd for test bag
  • Used year to Date: 213 yards
  • Added this Week: 1 yards
    • 1 yd of woven print
  • Net Used for 2015: 116.25 yards
  • YTD Used for Charity: 121 yards (56% of total used)

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    1. Boys + casts = funk in more ways than one. We only have to deal for 3 weeks and we got to re-cast it yesterday due to it being too loose, so had an arm washing opportunity. Went from pink with black stripes to blue with white (glow in the dark) stripes. And thank goodness for those giant plastic cast covers for the shower.

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