A Little Birdie Told Me - Finished!

When I finished this quilt, I thought to myself, “This is the sort of quilting I should be putting on every quilt.” Not a slap-it-on meander, as is my typical style, but a thoughtful and sometimes skillful design that enhances the top itself.

Since this was for a panel challenge, I treated each panel section with custom quilting, outlining various elements and meandering in the background. The star-in-a-star got similar treatment with some little feathers in the star points.  The tilted frames got pebbles of ascending size (you can see it in the pink frame around the side bird).

Here’s a closer up shot of the big panel. Apologies for the harsh lighting, but it was the best what I could show the quilting on it!  The frame for this piece got big “L” loops around it.

And then, because I needed to stay in practice, feathers! Feathers that I made without marking, even!

Truthfully, this blue border was the last one I did because it was solid fabric and I wanted to be warmed up before attempting it.  The printed fabric borders hide goofs better.

I need to label this quilt, and then I’ll sit on it until the October AMQG meeting when we do our Panel Challenge reveals. I’ve got another panel to work with before then, too, but it will be simple piecing and some intense quilting as well. Yikes.

13 Replies to “A Little Birdie Told Me - Finished!”

  1. Lovely! You make fabulous feathers. The quilting is so attractive. I know you will get awesome comments during the challenge review.

  2. It’s funny how a simple panel can turn into a stunning quilt! It’s so gorgeous, Pam, you did a superb job with the feather quilting. And yes, a custom quilted design is never as boring as the meandering all over one :))

  3. Love it Pam! Meandering is good for cranking out quantity, but custom quilting shows quality of a true talent. Love to see all of your growth since the beginning of your podcast. Thanks for keeping me inspired.

  4. I think you did a great job highlighting the different parts and a most fabulous job on those border feathers. Such a cute and unique quilt that someone is really going to enjoy.

  5. Beautiful quilting and I love how the outer borders overlap at the corners. I do worry about those tree branches being structurally sound when supporting such a large bird 😛

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