Sunday Stash - Finally!

The Birdie quilt is done! And I forgot to take pictures today! Oh well, tomorrow is a holiday so I’ll try to take them then.  I’m also about halfway through with a bag test pattern, which I think I’ll get done tomorrow, too.

Big progress on the Wellspring quilt front - all tops are done (last one shown to the right), two of final four are done, one still being bound by guildmate and one will get returned to me for binding. Final stage is affixing the labels to 29 quilts, and I’ll stitch five of them on myself.

  • Used this Week: 6 yards
    • 6 yd for Birdie quilt
  • Used year to Date: 252.25 yards
  • Added this Week: 0.25 yards
  • Net Used for 2014: 169.75 yards
  • YTD Used for Charity: 96 yards (38% of total used)

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4 thoughts on “Sunday Stash - Finally!

  1. oh dear… the forgetting to take a photo thing! I know it will. It will be good to see the finished quilt. I’ve been a bit slack about visiting and commenting I can’t even blame it on being summer and out of routine cause today is the first day of spring here and since I am retired it doesn’t affect me anyway! Fixit Guy has retired though so that has changed things up a bit though. Good to hear that the 29 quilts are done. Hope the label stitching goes well for you all

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