WIP Wednesday: Of Blue and Cats

Owly ImagesMy kids are spending the week with my in-laws, so that means… well, not a ton of sewing. You’d think so, but I got a brilliant idea to paint my kitchen since I don’t really have to cook full meals for the entire family. So that’s what I’ve done.

I picked a bright blue/aqua color since our cabinets are white and the floor matches the dog (or the dog matches the floor), and I really love it.  I need to do touch-ups tonight and then I should be ready to peel the tape off tomorrow.

Now, I have managed to do a bit of sewing as well. I’m working on the top for the donation quilt for Good Mews’ silent auction; it’s a column layout and I picked a focus fabric and then drew out scrap squares to complement.  I realized while piecing that the focus fabric I picked is the colors of my cats – brown, orange, black and white. Serendipity!

Good Mews quilt in progressThere will be 5 columns of the focus fabric, and four pieced columns.  This is the center, and the flanking columns use a slightly larger patchwork square.

Meanwhile, I finally captured Nina opening the cabinet doors on my cutting/sewing table.


12 Replies to “WIP Wednesday: Of Blue and Cats”

  1. OMG how cute is she?! I love your donation quilt, and the colors you’re using. I had to zoom in to see the cat focus fabric :)))

  2. Pretty paint color! I am not allowed to paint. I make a total mess. Well, actually I can paint the middles, but hubby paints the edges. LOL I am in too much of a rush and get sloppy. Moot point here though as we are renting and not allowed to paint.
    Loved the Nina show. 🙂

  3. Like the way you are using the feature fabric and pieced strips. Someone will one a very nice quilt.

  4. I love how the busyness of the kitty fabric next to the simple block design makes the quilt look more difficult to put together than it is. Brilliant. I have to remember this design for future donation quilts 🙂 Very cool.

  5. Loving the blue! You’re totally screwed Nina is so plotting your downfall one step at a time 😛

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