WIP Wednesday: 1,100 Miles

RetirementIt’s time to retire my running shoes. I have run over 1,100 miles in them, which I think is well over the recommended distance.

So rather than post a picture of some in-between projects, here’s Fred looking pensive about the entire affair, and wondering if I’m going to take him out for a run, too. He might also be concerned about my fashion choices since my new running shoes are bright teal.

In other news, Row 4 of the Diamonds in the Sky EPP project is attached and I’m gearing up to assemble row 5.

5 Replies to “WIP Wednesday: 1,100 Miles”

  1. Yeah, it’s about time. I think they should be retired every 500 miles :)))) Hope the teal ones will be more comfy for you!

  2. Woo! New treads! I just got a pair a couple of weeks ago. Mine aren’t teal though– they’re dark blue with neon green accents. Really, I’m just glad they aren’t white. ๐Ÿ˜›

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