HtbaS – Episode 201

4 thoughts on “HtbaS – Episode 201

  1. Great episode but I must disagree with something you said. Barley is the jello of the grain world. There’s always room for (more) barley. 😀

  2. I did read your comments about “charity” and agree with you but I didn’t comment earlier until I heard this episode because it joggled something in my brain . In Scotland folk are sentenced to “Community Service” for minor misdemeanours(or nor so) by the Sheriff Court e.g. 30 hours of picking up litter, cleaning graffiti. So if the PC band move over here soon they will have to come up with another wording.I wait with bated breath.

  3. I don’t remember if it was this episode or the next one, but I was in hysterics at “Barley needs to be kept on a short leash.” Trying to work that phrase into conversation this week just for the WTF looks it will generate.

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