WIP Wednesday: A Surplus of Helpering

This week I’m focused on quilting my Bonnie and Camille sampler quilt.  Here is an early picture in the basting process:

Step 1: Layout quilt back

Step 2: Remove cat. Repeat previous step.

Step 3: Layout batting and top and take picture quickly before further cat helpering:

Step 4: Baste like the wind!

Step 5: Quilt:

Step 6: See Step 2.

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8 Replies to “WIP Wednesday: A Surplus of Helpering”

  1. Cute cats. Our pets certainly like to gravitate to these quilts. Oh yeah, Very nice quilt.

  2. My kitty cat has taken to napping on my quilt while I’m at work. I find a little crater in it even though it’s half in-half out of the sewing machine right now. Lol. Your kitties are too cute, love the guide to quilt by! 😉

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