HtbaS – Episode 244

A little late night recording! The kids had fall break from school this week and were particularly rambunctious so I couldn’t record until after bedtime.  I catch you up on the latest episode of The Stitch, working on my Road Trip challenge quilt, and some plans for pattern design and future projects.

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  1. Now I am behind on the Stitch TV show and need to make myself catch up because I don’t know half of what you are talking about. I am catching up on podcasts (only behind 2 this time) again and I listened to the appraisal episode again to hear your info about the fabric again.

    I have to say that you sound really happy! You are laughing more and just sound happy in general. I am glad for you!

    Glad the boy got the cast changed. The cast arm syndrome is gross. Blech. It will look fine after awhile once the cast comes off completely as I am sure you know.

    I am a little confused about the community quilt dropoff? Is that one night that the guild collects all the charity stuff? We collect as people finish and distribute as there are enough quilts to take to one of our organizations.

    I am also in the mood for “lady books”. I don’t mind a little cliffhanging, but I am not up for murders right now. I read a book recently (borrowed on audio) called Better Homes and Hauntings by Molly Harper. Not great literature, but well written characters, entertaining and with a little weirdness at the end that I think might appeal to you.

  2. I made a Bermuda bag or two in my lifetime :-). Glad your sons’s arm is healing and a shorter cast is now in place. Broken bones are no fun but generally an “easier” fix than a concussion. My granddaughter is a field hockey goalie and she took a stick to the back of her head. She was a week at home on bedrest and has been back at school a week but hasn’t made a full day of classes because of the headache. She is struggling with having to do nothing”, I suggested they put a cast on her head.

    The Stitch seems to be making you and Lynn very happy which is great and I look forward to your future patterns and projects.

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