HtbaS – Episode 245

This week I catch you all up on some personal stuff going, learning EQ7, and a new project I can finally announce: The #DroidQuiltAlong we’re starting over at  Done in December, and perfect for holiday gift giving, or for snuggling up at the movie premier in December!

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  1. I’m so thrilled you’re reading The Husband’s Secret. I can’t wait to hear what you thought of it. To me, it’s like a hybrid of a nice lady story, and a wtf just happened thriller. Tee hee.

  2. So, seeing as how I have a baby due on the very day the new Star Wars movie comes out, it would be irresponsible of me NOT to make him the droid quilt, right? 😀

  3. I wonder if there is societal feeling of overwhelmedness? I have been feeling that way for weeks.

    Re:feeling happy: I think you GENERALLY sound happier. Not just wine induced happiness, which I didn’t notice. You weren’t sloppy. 😉 I think that all the changes you have made in your life have made you seem happier. Of course, there always struggles in life. That is how we grow. Another of course is that you didn’t sound happy in this episode, so I hope things will look up.

    Re: middle school – bad idea in general, right? good for you for working at not projecting. That must be really stressful for you. Boys are horrifyingly unorganized by my standards. My son had the same strategy as yours except that he also, after a few tries, refused to use his locker, so he carried everything around with him. Just remember: as your son will not go to college in diapers, he will get into a college. Perhaps not Berkeley, Harvard or Georgia (whatever fancy school is there), but he will get into college and he will be happy there. AT his age it is more important to work on social skills, though NOT failing is good, too.

    You might want to turn off this notifications and just go look once a week or twice a month. Turning them off might lessen the stress.

    I also started reading the books that he was assigned so we could have conversations about it. Not all the time, because some of the books were painful or I didn’t have time or was fed up (I am human, after all). He would often say “that book was stupid” and I would say you are right, but why was it stupid? Then we would get into a conversation where I would agree, but suggest he think about things in a different way.

    Re: books – Try the Glass Kitchen by Linda Francis Lee. I liked it as the women had spunk and didn’t mold to the guy. She stuck to her guns. I go back and forth. Sometimes what is happening at work makes me want to read murder mysteries. Other times, like now, I need some Glass Kitchen, Sarah Addison Allen, Barbara Samuel, etc.

    Friend pencil case: teach your daughter how to make one.

    re: grommets: terrible; they don’t work even with the special tool. I sincerely dislike them.

    re: Cats on neutrals stash – time to buy more fabric!!! 😉

    Be well.

  4. I’m with Jaye on societal overwhelmedness. Also boys and middle school. It’s a season, much like winter, that we just have to survive. The good news is that it ends.

    I loved The Husband’s Secret. It was one that I dove into and barely surfaced until it was over. Really all of her books are like that. It’s a very satisfying form of escapism.

    I love the work you are doing on The Stitch and still really enjoy the podcast immensely. It is the first one I listen to, even if I forget to comment.

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