HtbaS – Episode 246

3 thoughts on “HtbaS – Episode 246

  1. I’m doing a Frances, and commenting before I’ve listened. I’ve saved up all the podcasts for the last three weeks while I’ve been away and I’m going to have a mammoth podcast blowout session.
    Loved The Husband’s Secret, but I could see it coming.

  2. I love your colorway idea for Boba Fett. I think if I went that direction I would do a light gray background, with the green where you have gray and maroon for the blue/orange. Trying to figure out if I could throw in the golden yellow too, but that might complicate it too much. And then again I might just stay true to the droid. I do adore R-2.

  3. Oh Pam I feel your pain. I have a fairly new computer with Windows 8. It wants me to upgrade to 10 but I don’t want to. I have enough trouble with 8 I don’t want the new troubles of 10. I think I’m going to go to the “dark side” and get a MacBook.

    Yes, yes take breaks 5 patterns is a bit much for a month. We can wait until you have time. We quilters are like that, we will wait for great patterns and books. 😊

    I love, love peiced backs on quilts! It makes it a lot more interesting.

    Hi Nina!

    Great podcast!

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