WIP Wednesday: The Stuffing of Grievances

I’m not sure what the opposite of the great Festivus tradition of Airing of Grievances is, but I have the opposite of it this week. I have a glorious two weeks off of work, my wrist is feeling better, and my sewing machine was serviced and ready the following day.  And it is sounding and sewing much better.

So much so that I’ve finished the top and back for my king sized Christmas quilt!  Here is the top, folded up since there’s nowhere in my house big enough to lay it out, and it’s raining outside.

The outer border is a “bold choice”.  In retrospect perhaps I should have gone with a softer print, more akin to the piano key border.  The back of the quilt looks more like the piano key border so if I don’t like the front I suppose I can just turn it over!

I’m also almost done with the nine-patches for the next Quilt of Valor, which it will soon be time to cut up and sew back together.  I’ve also got three smaller quilts to plan for in addition to the pattern writing I’ve got on tap for this week, so no shortage of fun stuff going for my machine.  But first, I’m quilting some of the Harry Potter bookshelf quilt!

6 Replies to “WIP Wednesday: The Stuffing of Grievances”

  1. Can’t wait to see how you quilt this! Very pretty color combination, and the border really says, “Christmas.”

  2. The quilt looks really pretty. I like the piano key border, especially in the blues. Also, I don’t normally like big borders, but I like this one and think the bold pattern really works.

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