HtbaS – Episode 264

Short and sweet this week as I recap a couple comments while prepping for work travel and various other exciting things going on.

2 Replies to “HtbaS – Episode 264”

  1. I haven’t listened yet and am #podcastdeliquent again. iTunes didn’t download your latest episode. I was doing so well. Bleah. Soon!!!

  2. Yeah. Work travel: bleah. Sometimes it is fun, especially when I got a professional conference where I know a lot of people. Otherwise, it is just a pain to be away from home.

    I had a thought, which you didn’t even mention, about English Paper Piecing. I am doing a piece and have just started sewing one big chunk on to a larger chunk. It is a hassle and I am wondering if you put a big chunk on to your main chunk or if you put smaller chunks onto your main chunk?

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