WIP Wednesday – Mise En Placemat

This week is a bit hectic for work so the weekday sewing has been minimal.  What time I have had has been focused on prepping for the raffle quilt for my guild, but I did sneak in a couple more placemats for donation.

You may recognize the bottom one as being eerily similar to the center for my Round Robin quilt.  I had another starter block similar to that one, and I used one of Sally’s leftover birds on it, too.  You may be seeing more of those fun birds pop up in other projects, too!

5 Replies to “WIP Wednesday – Mise En Placemat”

  1. They look really nice, Pam. I like the fact that you did them in different sizes and shapes than the usual placemats. I like the more square -ish look 🙂

  2. Really nice placemats! It occurs to me that placemats would be a great way to try out blocks or use blocks that didn’t quite work out (but weren’t hideous).

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