Remedial Fishsticks – Finished!

Oh, this quilt. So many math problems in such a bright and cheerful little number.

Remedial Fishsticks

I’m not quite clear is the fish fabric was from my mom or Grama Eddie’s stash, but I think my mom had a shirt made out of it. If I recall, it was the late 80’s after all, and the fabric came to me when she de-stashed last year. I pulled in scraps in my pre-cut sizes to keep it cheery.

Remedial FishsticksYou see in the piece of fish fabric above where I pieced in a strip to make it tall enough. Sigh.

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  1. cool design decision! i made a similar quilt one time with absolutely no math involved! this is because math doesn’t like me very much, and i’m not that fond of it either….so i have developed the seat of my pants method and it even came out reasonably flat! it was a dragger baby quilt…
    i also love your quilt names…you have such a way with words!

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