WIP Wednesday: State of the Cutting Table

You guys, I feel like I’m an organized person, and yet here is the current state of my cutting table, filled with current projects.

Lest you think I suffer fully from The Smug with UFOs based on the last episode of The Stitch, here’s what i have from top right (all of which are WIPs, not UFOs!):

  • Scraps from Sparkling Gems (the orange & blue fabric and the purple box)
  • Random leftover units (teal HSTs parts)
  • Upholstery fabric scraps to turn into a bag
  • A surprise quilt for a friend (in the big purple bin with the white paper on top)
  • Parts for a second Carry All Caddy to donate to ECQG for the auction next year.
  • The Cat Lady fabric for a quilt for Good Mews (the pile falling over)
  • 2 charm packs and coordinating fabrics for a tabletopper pattern

In the second row are various bins with other projects in the works, including some pants to shorten for my kids. Time to get sewing!

3 Replies to “WIP Wednesday: State of the Cutting Table”

  1. What a good idea to post about the state of your cutting table! I’ll have to do that sometime. I feel like I have a lot of cutting to do, so that may not be so interesting. We’ll see.

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