WIP Wednesday: Wet

My catch-up sewing plans this week were derailed a bit when I returned home from camp pick up yesterday to find water pouring into my basement from the ceiling. After clean up and investigation, we discovered that the in-line water filter for the kitchen sink had literally blown its top, cracked, and was merrily spraying about 5 gallons of water all over the kitchen which dribbled into adjacent rooms.

Secretly we think Fred set Nina up to make it happen since he’s due for a bath (and is not fond of them), but the evidence is minimal.

This incident has taught or reminded me of several things:

  • I am not as good at being an adult as I thought, or at least being a homeowner.
  • We should vacuum up kitty litter more often.
  • I’m quite glad that both I and my husband are handy.
  • I miss sewing.

4 Replies to “WIP Wednesday: Wet”

  1. Ugg sorry for your mess. Few years ago we had the same problem except it leaked right into the finished basement we never go into now that the kids are adults . Enough time passed that walls,rugs etc had to be ripped down and out not to mention stuff that was stored in the closets. Thank goodness for insurance . Hope you are back sewing soon

  2. You have to just know that the Cats are always guilty, but will make it look like the “Dog did it”
    every time. This even applies when you don’t believe that either could have done it.
    Hope you get plenty of sewing time for the rest of the week.

  3. Poverina! I agree that home ownership is hard and that I miss sewing. I need to do a little soon before I lose my mind. I also need an onsite handyman who will just deal with things without me knowing or worrying.

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