HtbaS – Episode 282

This week, I catch you all up on everything from the past three weeks. Some feelings about social media, some sewing, some travel, some books, and some IRL experiences.

Join us tonight 7-9pm US Eastern for the Virtual Stitch-In!

Books discussed in this episode:

6 Replies to “HtbaS – Episode 282”

  1. You’re back! Yay!

    You need tequila. Just saying.

    Yes, the excel tips were fabulous. Thank you! I’ll have to look up that class. But just the conditional formatting tip will be a huge time saver! (I have a degree in English, Education, and Linguistics, soooo spreadsheets are not my jam. Lol)

    And in the “Pam and Joe” scenario, I’m reasonably sure that you’re Joe, and I’m Pam. And I laughed outloud. 😂 Also, you can make baby jokes around me any time– babies/toddlers are basically puppies, and, you’re right, they don’t care!

    You’re making me nervous talking about HP– I haven’t read it yet! 🙈

    See you at the stitch-in! 🙌🏼

  2. Your favorite #podcastdeliquent is back. 😉 I am pretty far behind, but skipping to this one to get back in the saddle. I blame iTunes, which does not seem to be downloading whenever it feels like not doing it. I might actually try and find an Android app that works. I know Weezy recommended one called Podcast Revolution, I think.

    I am sorry you are having hot weather. I just had to go put on socks and blow dry my hands because my extremities were so cold. I am wearing a fleece jacket lest you think I am sitting around in my underwear with freezing hands and feet. Come here to the fogland and cool off.

    The election is making me nuts as well. I am also blocking out the negativity of the politics.

    So, you don’t use he quarter inch foot? Does Janome know the quarter inch foot doesn’t work with the single hole needle plate.

    You should feel free to take a week off when you need to. Free content, remember? I only check FB before I go to bed. It cuts into my magazine reading time and that is a problem, but checking once a day is better for me.

    I can attest to the fact that you are a lovely person and I enjoyed spending time with you and would be happy to spend more time with you! I enjoy your sense of humor.

    I think the quilt industry is right sizing. There are way too many fabric lines coming out way too often. Don’t get me wrong; I love my fabric, but I can’t even assimilate some of the lines that come out and I have stopped trying. I think 20 years for City Quilter isn’t necessarily a comment on the quilting industry but more a comment on the owners’ lives and wanting to do something different. The only change I am sad about is QNM, but I didn’t like the other recent-ish changes that the new owners had made so I hadn’t been subscribing. It could be that I am sitting on my porch yelling at kids to get off my lawn.

    No humming that I can hear. and I don’t remember hearing a humming. Again, free content so I have no complaints.

    Re: Math – feel free to roll your eyes. I notice you were using 42″ for your width of fabric in your calculation. Have you thought about what would happen if you used 40″. I noticed that C&T patterns in their books usually use 40″. In thinking about it, I guess it makes sense since there is selvedge and you don’t always get the use of the full 42″. I am not quibbling with your math genius, I am just inquiring about your thought process.

    Thanks to you, I know that I have used just over 100 yards of fabric. WOW! Thanks.

    Didn’t someone tell you to write that Latin America report? You didn’t make up the idea to write that report, right?

    How about instead of mace we create a glitter spray thingy. Talk about marking a perp forever! LOL! (Not that getting mugged, etc is funny)

    We had a great drink which was gin and Langer’s Cherry juice. Buy it at Costco. I haven’t seen it anywhere else. It isn’t the same without Langers. I have had it with the Trader Joe’s cherry juice and it is good, but not just the same.

    I enjoy Sarah Vowell on audio. I listened to Assassination Vacation at the gym and kept laughing so hard that people would stare at me.

    Sorry I’ll miss the Virtual Stitch-in. We are going out to dinner with friends.

    Take care and have a good weekend.

  3. Yeah! Pam is back. I hope you will find the energy to do 3 podcasts each month.

    Like with fabric it is good to occasionally clean out/use up and refresh your liquor stocks. We did that with the move to Fl. Moving companies do not move alcohol across state lines so we shared somethings with friends and moved the important stuff (Scotch we purchased when we lived in Glasgow) when Jim drove the sewing machines and boats down. It was an interesting collection of items in the rental van.

    Not sure where AQS Chattanooga is going in FL because they already have a February show in Daytona. Maybe it is just time to move on from Tennessee.

    I am also limiting my social media and TV exposure to the political negativity fest of this campaign season. It seems to get worse every year. I think it goes on entirely too long and we need to adopt the 6 week campaign of the UK. Although their campaigns are no longer genteel they are at least short.

    Sorry about the work scramble. It often amazes me that the right hand seldom knows what the left hand is doing in the corporate world.

    Enjoy the new cat commission quilt. I am looking forward to getting back in the sewing room now that the grand baby has left. I thought I would sew during her naps but it didn’t work out so her doll I was making and her new quilt will get finished and mailed to Boston later this month.

    Have a great week!

  4. First of all, I had to run and check Facebook to make sure I hadn’t gotten unfriended. While I agree that this election is a nightmare, I have caught myself sharing a few things that I normally would have skipped past. How do we get that 6 week rule passed here?

    I’m with Jaye on the free content. You do what works for you and we will be here. Having said that, I’m ecstatic about two episodes of The Stitch a month and would love to listen to as many podcast episodes a month that you feel you can put out without coming completely unglued. If two works, I’ll live. If you do more, I will listen.

  5. Your liquor story made me laugh. I had a similar problem with mini m&ms recently. I bought a bag to make cookies, made the cookies, had about 1/3 of a bag left, then bought 2 more bags, just in case.
    You had some good book recs. I am interested in checking out the prayer book. Short is good for me when it comes to any self improvement reading.
    I am also not a glitter fan. I wasn’t too sad when I missed the initial post for that block.
    I hope that the new schedule eases up some stress for you. I enjoy your weekly posts but you take care of you. We will still like you. And I am looking forward to a little more “The Stitch”.

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