Sunday Stash - Climb Every Mountain, Bind Every Quilt

As I said over on Facebook, this weekend I turned 39, finished 6 pillowcases, made two quilts, and climbed a mountain. I’m done!

I’ll put the finished touches on Scrappy Swoon tonight for pictures tomorrow (assuming it doesn’t rain!), and will also post pictures of the two Aero Quad quilts for charity.  Right now I think my camera is still hiding out in my car and I’m not going downstairs to get it, since the mountain this morning was the equivalent of 60 flights of stairs according to my FitBit.

  • Used this Week: 22.25 yards
    • 8.25 yd for Scrappy Swoon Redux (binding is 2/3 done, and will be finished during tonight’s TV watching)
    • 6.5 for 6 ConKerr pillowcases (final stitches going on this afternoon, but a safe bet)
    • 0.75 worth of charms for grandniece’s gift
    • 3.25 yd for Aero Quad 1 quilt

    • 3.5 yd for Aero Quad 2 quilt
  • Used year to Date: 241.5 yards
  • Added this Week: 6.75 yards
    • 1.75 yd of Patriotic fabric from a friend for birthday present
    • 5 yd of mixed FQs from my MIL for a birthday present
  • Net Used for 2013: 126.75 yards
  • YTD Used for Charity: 113.75 yards (47% of total used)

See more stash reports at Patchwork Times!

Edited to add: Here’s my kids en route to the top:

And proof we made it to the top!

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5 Responses to Sunday Stash - Climb Every Mountain, Bind Every Quilt

  1. Melanie at 1000Needles dot com says:

    Your numbers are an inspiration! I think my net added is closing in on your net used.. :) Happy Birthday weekend!

  2. Happy birthday! Sounds like a great week, especially with fabric as presents!

  3. Kati R. says:

    I only hve one word to you since I tweeted the Happy Birthday part already :) ) Impressive! Both mountain climbing in this heat, plus this week’s finishes. Well done!

  4. Dar in MO says:

    Great stash numbers. Will check out your Design wall to see your finishes tomorrow. BTW, I’m a FitBit user too. Want to be friends to encourage each other?? I’m just a newcomer to walking with it, but a little competition helps me keep going.

  5. Torie says:

    We need a new word for when other people’s activities make you feel like you should be joining in, but are just not ready yet, ie all the Twilters using Fitbit and I know I should too, but don’t have the desire. No one is “guilting” me into it, so that’s not the word. Hmmm…

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