WIP Wednesday: Seekrits

Owly ImagesMy current WIP is a bit of a seeeeekrit (imagine me twirling a handlebar mustache while saying that), so I can’t show much of it right now.  Rest assured it is in good paws hands, though, since I’m taking the opportunity to outsource some piecing for it. Sadly we have not engineered a solution that allows Morelli to both feed fabric under the feed dogs and push the foot pedal, other than having Nina sit on the pedal for him. The main problem is that Nina doesn’t sit still all that often.

And that Morelli is a cat. But whatevs.

Owly ImagesRest assured that the helpering is not limited to piecing; all the animals are taking shifts helping me hold down Easy Street Redux while I hand stitch the binding down.

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced

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2 Responses to WIP Wednesday: Seekrits

  1. Kati R. says:

    I can see your furry volunteer likes to keep your chair for you, too! :) And Jett looks such a serious holder-downer! :) No fair keeping seekrits like that you keep mentioning them. :D For howl long are you planning to keep those seekrits? Just so we know… :)

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