Mug Rug!

The Atlanta Modern Quilt Guild did a mug rug swap for our December meeting, and I was lucky enough to get the one from Melinda in our guild. Melinda is a wonderfully talented long-arm quilter and all-around knowledgeable quilter. We are so lucky to have her in our guild! She also thinks lime green is a neutral, which is something I can get behind.

This the mug rug she made, that I now have in my sweaty little paws (okay, not sweaty so much as chilly, because it’s 22F overnight here in Georgia):

(Pictures courtesy of Melinda, too – told you she was awesome)
Here are all the mug rugs from the group:
(The one I made is the brown and blue on at the bottom, 2nd from the left. I like to call it the Charlie Brown Mug Rug because it seems a bit paltry compared to the other wonderful ones that were done).

2 Replies to “Mug Rug!”

  1. I really don’t think yours could be considered ‘paltry’ at all! I am so impressed with what everyone came up with. This has been our funnest event to date. And now, we’re all addicted to mug rugs.


  2. No way is your mug rug “Paltry,” my dear! Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, etc., and we’re our own worst critics. I really like yours!


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