Finished! Just in time for Santa…

I finally finished my Christmas quilt! And it was even before Christmas! Truly, a miracle for the season.  This quilt comes from the 12 Days of Christmas by Nancy Halvorsen. I changed the orientation a bit to account for where I wanted to hang it, but it is gloriously done and hanging up! Huzzah.

Christmas Quilt

(clicky to go to the big view at Flickr, and follow the photostream for some close-ups)

3 Replies to “Finished! Just in time for Santa…”

  1. Looks great! You are so very productive! Got a kick out of looking through your flickr photos. What a great looking pair of little ones you have! The little guy looks particularly mischievous!

  2. It’s fusible applique with a machine blanket stitch. Now that it’s January, I should probably swap out the quilts… 😉

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