WIP Wednesday: I am Not an Elephant

Elefun Quilt

… in that an elephant never forgets and I almost forgot to post WIP Wednesday! Whoops!

Anyway, I have the Elefun baby quilt sandwiched and basted and am quilting it currently. It’s pretty small so shouldn’t take long, but it sure is cute with those little elephants!

7 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday: I am Not an Elephant

  1. That is so cute, it almost made me spit out my coffee!! Really neat and I’m wondering about the pattern, too.

  2. The elephants are lovely. Is this for the baby quilt that needed to have elephants on it maybe? I did my WIP Wednesday post – so I can feel morally superior about that if not about my quilting. My last couple of attempts have been a bit ugly.

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