Smunday Stash: A Day Late and 5.5 Yards Short

Alas, not usage to report this week. I did work on a lot of things, but stopping to write up and photograph things to write a pattern / quilt-along will slow you down!  Even when you have a droid to help.

The good news is I should have the top put together tomorrow and we’ll get the fabric usage posted over on The Stitch so everyone is ready for the kick off next Monday! And I’ll get it quilted this weekend. Huzzah!

  • Used this Week: 0 yards
    • Sad trombone!
  • Used year to Date: 213.75 yards
  • Added this Week: 5.5 yards
    • 1 yd for Droid Quilt Along
    • 4.5 yd for Solid as a Rock finishing kit
  • Net Used for 2015: 106 yards
  • YTD Used for Charity: 121 yards (56% of total used)

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2 Replies to “Smunday Stash: A Day Late and 5.5 Yards Short”

  1. I’m getting nervous for you already! I hope that the “work” of building a quilting business does not rob you of the joy of sewing. I feel like that happens to so many people who go from hobby to job….find time to sew, lady!

  2. Take a deep breath. Your son will have some social issues, it is life in middle school. You will have pounds come & go, it is life happening while you are making other plans. Retraining your brain is not easy and finding work life balance is not for the faint of heart. I struggle daily thinking I do not fit in, feeling awkward and un-liked. I get over it most days but being tired, overwhelmed or just much to busy makes it harder to fight the feelings.

    You bring much joy to many people. Sew more, fret less!

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