Dirty Chicken (At Long Last) – Finished!

Well, I finished this quilt over a month ago, but because it’s such hard work to drag the camera upstairs after taking photos and then to plug the cord into the computer, clearly it’s taken a month for me to gather the strength to make all those connections.

Dirty Chicken

HA! Nope. Just forgot about it. Oh well.  But we have had two picnics on it in the backyard since I finished it.

Neither of these involved chicken, however, despite the name and the poultry ledger background fabric. I believe one was pizza and the other was hamburgers. Fred got in on the hamburger picnic after getting the short end of the stick for pizza (pork isn’t good for dogs, so no pepperoni for pups around here).

I did get a comment on Instagram that people love that I use my quilts. There are some that I hold precious and don’t fling out into the yard (*ahem* Harry Potter Bookshelf), but for the most part, I know I can always make more quilts, so why not use them? And they make me happy to look at, whereas I find quilts in my house that I loved and finished and put up and they aren’t making anyone happy that way.

Dirty ChickenGetting back on track, this was a Bonnie Hunter pattern, the Allietare! Mystery Quilt.  The beauty of scrap quilts is that all sorts of fun fabrics make their way in, and you end up with a Smug Giraffe next to Star Wars.

I did my border a tad different than the pattern. I used 6 1/2″ wide strips of the back fabrics from the center to make a scrappy border, and I didn’t scallop the edge.

I think you can see my quilting here – each big square got a swirl in the middle of it, and I meandered to travel from center to center.  The borders got straight line quilting in either orange or teal thread to make it more interesting.

We’ve got this one queued up to got to family movie night at the school next week, along with a couple other quilts since it usually ends up colder than we think for an April evening!

10 Replies to “Dirty Chicken (At Long Last) – Finished!”

  1. I love it, Pam!!! Have you ever used denim to back a quilt that will be thrown on the ground? I haven’t yet, but, would like to try it someday!

  2. I love this 🙂 It turned out great. I know you’re not a fan of the orange…but I totally love it!

  3. Love it! Even without the scalloped borders 😉 I do love that you use your quilts. I’m getting so many stacked up on quilt racks, that I’m starting to give more away. With just the hubster and I, there are only so many quilts we can use.

  4. I really love your color choices! Those oranges are bright, but they don’t scream (at me, at least). I think the grey and the blues give them space to breath. I think your limited palette worked well.

  5. Absolutely beautiful. What great color choices!. I also feel quilts should be used. I grew up using a quilt my grandmother made with little toy cars and the sashing was the roads. My parents still have this quilt and some of the fabrics are frayed and worn. What wonderful memories. My son went off to his second year at college in September and asked for my award winning quilt (won $15 at the fair for it and very proud). I had no problem giving it to him. It may survive college, it may not. But, he obviously wanted the memory from home. Again, I don’t say this enough – thank you for the podcast and Stitch Show!

  6. Just have to say, I love the HP quilt! Totally added to my “Quilt Inspiration” Pinterest board.

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