Starstruck Wallhanging – Finished!

Whenever my husband asks what I’d like for whatever upcoming holiday or celebration, I’ve stuck pretty closely to the same answer the past few years: “Clean bathrooms.” Alas, my mom does not have a standard wish I can so easily fulfill, so she’s getting an early Christmas present for Mother’s Day this year.

She saw this little quilted mat I made for the neighborhood swap and asked for something similar to hang up in their house, so when she didn’t have a ready answer for Mother’s Day gift giving, I decided to whip this up for her.


You can see a bit more of the detail of the quilting on the tree-top star in this picture:

StarstruckI really like the mixture of the textures here, and will really only do quilting this dense on a wallhanging because it does make it rather stiff!

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  1. Your quilting is so great, hmm maybe you need to be the next domestic machine quilter teacher on Craftsy. I just can’t master it. bet Mom loved the gift

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