HtbaS – Episode 276

This week I open with a bit about mental health, and some highlights from our beach vacation and getting back in the sewing groove (before traveling for work next week).  I also give reviews on a number of books I’ve read in the last few weeks:

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  1. Q: How many machines do you use regularly?Brands & Which for piecing & FMQ? Pros of each machine? Thx! I so appreciate your honest podcasts 😊

  2. Thanks for thinking of us and planning ahead so we don’t miss a week.

    Do you count the emoji fabric as part of your stash? Did you say and I missed it? I just bought fabric for more dresses and I put it in, but will deduct it next week when I get the dresses out. If I use fabric I have for dresses, then I definitely count it. I am just not sure whether or not to count it if I buy it specifically for dresses.

    Darn it! I missed the Virtual Sew in again! ERGH! Fridays are like that for me and yesterday was a particularly strenuous cleanup day (100 errands) because I was at a conference, out with clients, etc for two days. It was fun and made my brain work, but stuff didn’t get done. Excuses, excuses, I know. #virtualsewindeliquent

    Do you publish your Goodreads reviews? I don’t remember seeing any or very many. I keep seeing the same people publishing their reviews and I find your comments about books to be interesting, so I just wondered.

    I use Sarah Addison Allen’s The Girl Who Chased the Moon and The Sugar Queen as a palate cleanser. There are a few books I read over and over, which I know you don’t do very often.
    Safe travels.

  3. So I’m feeling podcast famous! Ha! Thanks for a great episode– including that ever so subtle snort at my 50 yards of fabric. I laughed out loud because I’m still shaking my head at myself!

    The beach sounded fun and relaxing! How do the cats react to y’all being gone?

    I missed the sew- in, too– didn’t even sit down at the machine till 9pm. Alas.

  4. Wow, I had some really great comments in my brain while I was listening and driving, but they have all evaporated. I hate when that happens!

    I do remember that I wanted to thank you again for your honesty and openness about post-partum depression. I really do feel that the more people like you talk about it – people who are nice and normal and have a good job and are well liked – the easier it gets to admit we need help and the better we’ll be about recognizing it in the people we love. I’m sure it is not easy to talk about, but you help someone every time you do.

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