HtbaS - Episode 138

I talk about climbing a mountain, finishing charity quilts and Scrappy Swoon, some books, and some cooking.


About Pam the Head Rhombus

I like quilts, cats, math, and science fiction. Not always in that order.
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3 Responses to HtbaS - Episode 138

  1. Bendurbubble says:

    I should point out that I am relatively new to quilting and circles and appliqué scare me right now so easy but high impact would be muchly appreciated! I will send the lovely head rhombus a picture of the finished block once I decided what to do. P.s. thanks to the moon and back Pam for helping me out!!!

  2. TerjeTerje says:

    Loved this episode. No surprise there.

    I wanted to point out what you probably already know. When doing HST, you can hit them with an iron to mark the diagonal line instead of marking them with a pencil or whatever. It seems faster to me and just as accurate. Just a thought, as I try to avoid acquiring tools unless they are essential (lack of space and a neat freak who hates clutter).

    I want to try the mango salsa. I’ll probably throw some jalapeños into it as the mango seems sweet on its own. I love new recipes and my current FAVORITE food is Hawaiian veggie tacos, so this sounds as if it would fit nicely!

  3. You pondered from where others have podcasted.. Well, let’s see.. I’ve done it in the garage, (to get away from a barking dog) I’ve done it on the patio, in my bed, at my sewing desk, at my computing desk, and on my couch. I have not, however, done it with a mouse in a house, or with a fox in a box. I have considered doing it from the shower, but I didn’t want to get my microphone wet..

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